Rippple 101

2 min readJan 11, 2022


What is Rippple?

Rippple is a Trakt client built on top of the public Trakt API.

The project started in 2017. The first version came out in early 2018 with an iPhone-only app with a focus on Trakt’s “Comments” feature. Since then, it as been improved with many releases to be the full-fleshed app it is today.

Today, you can use Rippple to Track, Share, Discover and Organize your TV time, sync with Trakt. All with an app made for iPhone, iPad and Mac!

Rippple is a passion project. It’s entirely built by one person with the help of some friends for design & backend stuff. I also get a lot of support from an awesome and growing community.

What is Trakt?

Trakt is a platform and community that helps you keep track of the TV shows and movies you watched. It can help you keep up with the trending and popular things to watch thanks to community driven lists, ratings and comments. You can link a media center to enable automatic scrobbling or manually check-in when you’re watching something.

Trakt provides a public API for third party apps (like Rippple) to interact with your data and the community.

Need more?

Check our F.A.Q
Find some Frequently Asked Questions about Rippple and their answers here.

Check the app’s changelog
The app’s changelog is the best way to get a feeling of Rippple’s (long) journey and can serve as a great tool to guide you through the latest features, how they work and look like. Find it here.

Some ways you can get in touch
You can ask me anything on Mastodon and follow for Rippple-related news and updates.

Same on X/Twitter.

Or, you can join the community on Discord.

Email fallback
Your issue is bigger than what a toot or a tweet can hold or you don’t have an account? Email your issue and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can: